Food trends 2023

Food Trends in Catering for 2023

Food trends emerge through the human need to constantly discover tasty “elixirs” of pleasure. Food trends are always influenced by the needs of the season, the availability of raw materials and the exploration of innovative combinations. As far as catering is concerned, for 2023 it seems that some of the trends of recent years will strengthen even more and we present you the top food points of the year.

 Food Trends for 2023

Food Sustainability

Food Sustainability is one of the favorite food trends for 2023. Sustainably sourced food is increasingly gaining ground on the global nutrition agenda. People seem to be changing the way they consume products. They look for more information about the origin of food and give more weight to the nutritional value of the dish. Of course, nutritional approaches are becoming more responsible in the catering sector as well. The interest in reducing food waste by utilizing all materials for zero waste is becoming more and more intense, while at the same time the eye turns to companies that take care of their ecological footprint as the world’s preference for those that adopt and apply sustainable practices that are eco-friendly is evident.

Food trends 2023

Food Experience

The involvement of people with food is an ever-growing trend not only on an individual level, but also on a “massive” level such as the menu choice in the context of an event. Traditional dishes at catered events tend to be replaced by a more active mixing of all parties. An event becomes a total experience for the attendees who wish to interact with the chefs through the action food stations which certainly constitutes a spectacular presentation at an event. Ιn the field of catering, the search for an interactive kitchen with live cooking may become the new reality that will conquer 2023.

Food trends 2023

The Storytelling of taste

Food is more than meeting a basic human need and this is definitely not a simple food trend. The gastronomic “narrative” has so much more “to tell” than just a first impression. With food storytelling, chefs can describe the story of a dish, the process of its creation and even give it an emotional value. An important axis in all this is the origin of the materials and how they are used along the way. Lately there has been a continuous increase in the preference for traditional Greek dishes which are subject to a “reconstruction” of flavors such as for example with vegetarian or vegan raw materials without falling behind in taste or even the “marriage” of a Greek recipe with ingredients from a different cuisine philosophy such as Asian, which forms a new modern and creative taste approach.

Food trends 2023

Gastronomy in event catering has entered a new era following food trends, where the question is of course sustainable practices and the reduction of food waste, but also the enhancement of people’s culinary experience. Furthermore, the “narrative” of taste has been enhanced by constant experimentation and the incorporation of practices and ideas from different cuisines. The mixing of cuisines and culinary traditions emerges alongside the integration of “foreign” and exotic tastes, which constantly opens up new culinary avenues that are reflected in the catering sector.