Intercatering designed the served menu for the Greek EY “Entrepreneur of the Year” 2023 Awards Ceremony

Intercatering, with a timeless dedication to quality and culinary delight, undertook with great joy and enthusiasm to create the seated menu for the Greek EY “Entrepreneur of the Year” 2003 Awards Ceremony, in the banquet hall of the Athens Concert Hall.

Our served menu for the event “Enterpreneur of the Year” 2023 of the Ernst & Young Greece was created by our chefs with quality ingredients and modern techniques, who designed each dish with passion and attention to detail, offering a taste journey for the attendees.

From the first dish to the last, Intercatering’s menu framed this important event in the most delightful way where distinguished figures from the realms of politics, business, and academia in Greece came together to celebrate Greek entrepreneurship and its contribution to the growth and transformation of the national economy.

Intercatering always takes care of the culinary experience of your event, combining taste, quality and aesthetics in a unique way. After all, our goal is to exceed your every expectation!