Delightful flavors for children... and adults!

Is your child’s birthday, name celebration or graduation? Maybe some other happy event in their life that is an occasion to celebrate with their friends? For that day we want to make our little friends happy and you be able to enjoy your child’s day.

We understand how difficult it is to organize a children's or teenage party and even more so to offer an attractive and fun menu with fresh and quality ingredients. The important thing for us is to create the most impressive tasting setting and make this day enjoyable for everyone.

Our team, using the best ingredients, prepares delicious snacks and sweet treats that delight every child's palate. We can design the menu according to your ideas as well as the needs of the event, such as a themed birthday party by adapting the tastes your child loves. Usually, the parents also love party food with finger food and street food, but if you wish you can offer a separate menu for them.

At InterCatering we know that children can be difficult with food, but your little guests will go crazy with delightful flavors that no one can resist and they will enjoy them with great appetite. For the organization of the party, we can recommend a venue while we can provide you with full services or delivery to your own venue.