Celebrate in style in the comfort of your home!

You like spectacular events in elegant venues and dreamy estates that give a sense of luxury and can host a large number of guests. But there are also occasions, such as your anniversary, a party or just a friendly gathering, when you want to welcome and take care of your loved ones in the warmth and intimacy of your home!

We discuss and plan together the ideal menu for your guests. Every occasion is different, so we have options that cover everything from a formal catered dinner to a finger food party. Choose menus from different Cuisines but also for different dietary needs or eating habits such as vegan, lactose-free, etc., with impeccable event catering services that serve every desire by providing everything, from food to tableware. Even delivery service beyond the usual if you wish!

Events at home require organization and a lot of time in the kitchen that usually no one has. If you want to offer something special, choosing the right catering will turn your party into an unforgettable dining experience. Share your thoughts on the menu and we'll take care of every detail, leaving you free to relax and enjoy your evening.

At InterCatering we tailor the menu to match the style of your event. Whatever you choose, we create for you exquisite dishes with the signature of our experienced chefs that will satisfy even your most demanding guests. You will not need a minute to deal with the preparation of the food, nor with its serving. Our highly trained staff will be at your side to offer impeccable and discreet service.