Only the best for your newborn!

When you host a baptism party you want to please your guests. After the religious sacrament, family and your dearest friends, everyone wants to celebrate with you this very joyful moment for you.

We know that this occasion usually has the largest age range and the menu should satisfy from small children to the elderly. The christening party can be anything from a modest event to a formal meal, held in the late morning, noon or afternoon. Of course, culinary delight is a primary component of these special moments, so you want the food you serve to please everyone in attendance.

Our team of chefs lovingly create quality menus that suit your aesthetic and the tastes of your guests and we are by your side with personalized advice to ensure you get exactly what you want. In addition, having exclusive cooperation with leading venues in Attica we can host your event, otherwise we can offer our services at the venue you indicate to us.

At InterCatering we truly understand the importance of this special day and create memories that last a lifetime. Our goal is to always exceed your expectations and create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.