Make-A-Wish Greece: We were happy to contribute to an event of smiles, optimism and love!

In our daily life, we are often faced with difficulties and obstacles. But we can be optimistic when there are moments and events that remind us of the power of solidarity and giving. This year’s Make-A-Wish Greece event is one such example, as it spread smiles, optimism and love to all present.


Intercatering, true to its philosophy that business activity should actively contribute to society, undertook with pleasure and responsibility to contribute as a sponsor by offering its services to this year’s Make-A-Wish event.  

At every Make-A-Wish Greece event, the companies participating as sponsors have the opportunity to contribute to something magical! To support children by giving them joy and hope. 

We enthusiastically contribute, in any way we can, to social responsibility initiatives, affirming our commitment to create a world full of delicious tastes, wide smiles and unforgettable moments!