Catering at Home: Why choose professionals for your next invite!

Catering at home is one of the services that is becoming more and more popular every year! And it’s no coincidence. It is an enjoyable, and possibly an economical option, if we consider all the parameters required for a successful event organization, which ultimately make the life of the hosts easier!

6 reasons why home catering may be what you need

It offers an unforgettable evening.

With home catering you can turn even a simple invitation, a relaxed gathering, into an unforgettable dining experience for you and your guests! A night that everyone will remember, something different! And without having spent precious time and extra effort required to organize such an occasion.

A dreamy culinary experience!

Formal dinner, party, a simple invitation? With catering at home from an experienced company like Intercatering, you can create any culinary evening you dream of! From creative dishes of Greek and Mediterranean Cuisine, street food of Mexican Cuisine to dishes with influences from Asian and Arabic Cuisine! Culinary originality, which you can enjoy in your living room, garden or terrace, depending on the season and your available space!

Complete catering services.

Catering at home, in addition to delicious dishes, also needs bar services! Therefore, we can offer a fully equipped bar for your guests at your own place.

From our kitchen, to your… plate.

At Intercatering we undertake the design of the menu, the safe transport to your location and the serving during your event, for catering at your home. The experienced and discreet waiters offer you the selected dishes and of course your drinks, throughout the celebration.

The equipment, ours.

Catering at home also solves practical issues. Despite the number of your guests, our team takes care of the necessary household equipment, but also the furniture. From plates, glasses, tablecloths or even chairs, tables, are provided to you by Intercatering.

Say goodbye to washing dishes.

One of the biggest advantages offered by catering at home is that it frees you from the unpleasant process of cleaning dishes and kitchen utensils! We undertake the collection of all our equipment from your home, without any inconvenience for you.

At the end of the day, the organization of catering at home will save you time and offer you culinary pleasure, comfort, and carelessness, with the reliability of our professionals!

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