InterCatering offers you Mentererum, a beautiful and distinctive multi-venue for social and corporate events, in the center of Kifissia. The venue has an exclusive collaboration with our company that offers high-level catering services and can serve every event with absolute success. If you are planning a corporate presentation, a business meeting or a relaxed business
Mr. Andreas Toutziaridis, president and CEO of InterCatering company, talks to on the issue of food waste in catering sector, how the company has adjusted and its broader action. Read the interview
Can food reveal our personality? If we accept “we are what we eat”, then maybe it reveals elements of our character. Okay, it sounds a bit excessive, so even if we don’t fully embrace this condition, food can to a large extent express our psyche and our moods, momentary as well as more lasting. At
When hearing the culinary term street food, most people probably have in mind something easy, fast and simple as an image of our daily habits and how we usually consume “street food”. It is possible that at the first reading of having a street food option for your event, there could be a relative disbelief
Mr. Andreas Toutziaridis, president and CEO of InterCatering company, having many years of experience in the event catering industry, talks to about the sector’s need to attract talented young people and hospitality industry executives with the perspective of a long-term career. Read the interview
An ethnic experience of colors and aromas of authentic Indian dishes! InterCatering, wanting to serve the growing demand for catering services from Indian visitors to our country as well as the trend for ethnic dishes, has developed a partnership with Indi go’s Indian Kitchen team. In this way our company satisfies the creation of authentic
We all know that the most important decision to make for a wedding reception is choosing the right venue and catering. At InterCatering you will find 3 excellent venues with sea view that can host the glamorous reception you dream of. The choice is yours! The space you choose must match the style and aesthetics
Can high gastronomy be combined with catering? Are two concepts opposite or intertwined? Mr. Andreas Toutziaridis, President and CEO of InterCatering company, which is active in the field of event catering with numerous events since 1990, talks to about the development of this industry and how it has been formed over the years. Read
Organizing a successful corporate event is quite demanding. We host people from our professional sector whom we want to honor but also to please with our choices. Through a variety of venues offered by InterCatering you can choose the right space that suits the needs of your event. Our proposal for a classic and elegant
We have had a fantastic restart, and we feel totally renewed. Our company provides excellent event catering services, for unique and demanding high-quality events over three decades, while our goal has always been the evolution of our services according to current trends, to our customers’ benefit. So, in this context, our company decided to move