Valentine's menu ideas
Valentine’s day is approaching, and for us at InterCatering, who are in love with good food, we want something more for you. That is why we give you the opportunity to hold a gourmet romantic 4-course dinner at your place, impressing your Valentine. For this special occasion, we propose an exciting valentine’s menu that will
Food trends 2023

Food Trends in Catering for 2023

Food trends emerge through the human need to constantly discover tasty “elixirs” of pleasure. Food trends are always influenced by the needs of the season, the availability of raw materials and the exploration of innovative combinations. As far as catering is concerned, for 2023 it seems that some of the trends of recent years will
Although the catering sector is part of our country’s “heavy industry”, the prevailing opinion is that the people who deal with it do so with an opportunistic approach. Of course, it can happen but this in no way can define the industry which anyway does not contain such homogenized characteristics as they might seem to
bar catering with high level services
Bar catering: Take your event to the next level with comprehensive high-level services  The choice of catering services is certainly not a simple process and of course, apart from the culinary manifestation of an event, bar catering services are one of the main ingredients for its success. Aiming to always enrich the most important moments
Food stations buffet from InterCatering

Food Stations: Make a stop at taste

Food Stations: The food concept that adds something extra to your events Organizing an event is an evolving process, at least for people with a restless spirit. As a result, fresh trends such as that of Food Stations are emerging that win the goal of guest mingling. Because the point of an event is the
Christmas menu for your Christmas dinner
The holidays are the moments of relaxation, happiness, carefreeness, the moments we want to share with our people. The importance of taking care of your loved ones becomes even more intense these days as well as the desire for the complete satisfaction of your guests at your festive table, event or reception. However, there is
vegan menu for social and corporate events
The vegan menu can be an interesting proposition for your guests For many people the vegan diet is a “new reality”, but it is a fact that it has been around since the late 40s. Of course, the truth is that nowadays many people choose it more and more for their own reasons. InterCatering has
Tonight we are guests of Andreas Toutziaridis, President and Managing Director of the company, at the event of a multinational company based in Germany, to get a real taste as spectators of an event in progress. Read the article
Tatoi Estate swimming pool
In a lush green estate of 25 acres in N. Erithrea, Tatoi Estate will charm you with its high aesthetics. The venue impresses from the first glance with its natural beauty and functionality, creating the most ideal environment to host a party of 50 people to a large reception with 1000 guests, just 5 minutes
catering with finger food menu for wedding

Catering through centuries

Catering may seem to most people as a relatively new trend, yet it is not at all a new option in the food service industry. The beginning of “massiveness” in catering is placed somewhere in 4000 BC. in China and it seems that all the great civilizations of antiquity included a relevant logic in their