The 1st Women’s Forum of and Liquid Media, entitled “I’M HERE FOR YOU”, was an event full of inspiration, information and emotion. It took place on April 19, 2024 at the Athens Concert Hall, on the initiative of Jenny Balatsinou, Executive Consultant of, and attracted women from various sectors of society. The forum
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Baptism is one of the most important moments not only in your child’s life, but also in yours. Planning a successful baptism requires attention to detail that will make the difference and leave a lasting impression on your guests. From the venue to the enjoyment of your guests, every choice plays a role in creating
Intercatering, with a timeless dedication to quality and culinary delight, undertook with great joy and enthusiasm to create the seated menu for the Greek EY “Entrepreneur of the Year” 2003 Awards Ceremony, in the banquet hall of the Athens Concert Hall. Our served menu for the event “Enterpreneur of the Year” 2023 of the Ernst
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At the heart of Greek cuisine are traditional products that reflect the country’s rich culinary heritage. At Intercatering we choose products from Greek producers highlighting the culinary heritage of Greece, with delicious recipes that combine tradition and modern Mediterranean Cuisine. So, when it comes to a “Greek brunch” that will satisfy even the most demanding
In our daily life, we are often faced with difficulties and obstacles. But we can be optimistic when there are moments and events that remind us of the power of solidarity and giving. This year’s Make-A-Wish Greece event is one such example, as it spread smiles, optimism and love to all present.   Intercatering, true
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In modern gastronomy, the presence of vegan options is a dynamic cultural and culinary code that reflects the evolution of people’s preferences. At Intercatering we understand and fully embrace this dietary choice, creating impressive vegan menus that highlight the essence and the refined side of plant-based nutrition. Intercatering’s vegan menu is not just a list
Intercatering had the pleasure and honor to create and serve the menu at the “Gazzetta Awards” ceremony! Olympic, Paralympic and world champions, along with prominent figures from the sports and political scene, all met at the welcoming banquet hall of Megaron Athens Concert Hall for the presentation of awards to the best of the year!
The classic choice to accompany any meal is definitely wine. Therefore, at your events, the wine on a menu complements the culinary experience of your guests. Of course, wine & food pairing is not a simple matter. However, our experienced team can suggest alternative wine labels that will suit your wishes and the needs of
The success of a corporate event depends on many factors, and deciding on a suitable catering service is a critical step in creating a unique yet enjoyable experience for your guests. You need a partner who, with professionalism, will be able to offer you the complete event catering organization that each occasion requires. Having managed
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The brilliance of the Greek athletes took off at the event for the Honorary Awards of the Hellenic Olympic Committee held at the Athens Concert Hall. The purpose of the institution was to reward and highlight the dedication and excellence of the 72 athletes who are a source of inspiration for us all. Intercatering, always
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