Summer is approaching and the mind will slowly begin to escape to all the things that make us happy, in the most carefree time of the year. And what could be more ideal than a summer party by the sea or in a cool lush landscape? Whichever venue you choose for your party, InterCatering creates
Enjoy magical images from an atmospheric photoshoot. Undoubtedly, the wedding for every couple symbolizes the beginning of a long and bright journey. That is why it is perhaps the most important moment, an eternal and dreamlike moment that everyone wants to celebrate with their most beloved people while offering the appropriate catering menu. We present
buffet menu for every event
In the question buffet or served menu there is no wrong and right answer or any menu choice that prevails. It all depends on what you want to offer your guests, as one menu may be suitable for your event but may not serve the needs of another.  The differences between the buffet and the
Would you like a different Cocktail Bar that stands out for your event? InterCatering gives you the choice of a Cocktail Van Bar! A special addition to private or promotional events, to social and corporate events, to wedding parties and baptisms for a happy touch! Many people wanting to plan the organization of an event
Mr. Andreas Toutziaridis, president and CEO of InterCatering, talks to about the present and the future of the company, the trends and the difficulties of the field but also the satisfaction he receives from this work. Read the article
Ecological footprint
Our awareness of environmental issues has been expressed in practice for years through the careful management of our company’s operations. Today, more than ever, the need for an ecological consciousness is more and more pronounced and the contribution of all of us counts, regardless of origin. Our company has taken an active role for years,
Are you seeking the unexpected? Exciting flavors is an experience for you? Are you looking for a space that will captivate you with its energy and urban design? Then your steps will lead you to Choix Hall by Cava Halari at 54 Athens-Piraeus Avenue, in Piraeus. The restored building, the industrial space combined with the
Valentine's menu ideas
Valentine’s day is approaching, and for us at InterCatering, who are in love with good food, we want something more for you. That is why we give you the opportunity to hold a gourmet romantic 4-course dinner at your place, impressing your Valentine. For this special occasion, we propose an exciting valentine’s menu that will
Food trends 2023

Food Trends in Catering for 2023

Food trends emerge through the human need to constantly discover tasty “elixirs” of pleasure. Food trends are always influenced by the needs of the season, the availability of raw materials and the exploration of innovative combinations. As far as catering is concerned, for 2023 it seems that some of the trends of recent years will
Although the catering sector is part of our country’s “heavy industry”, the prevailing opinion is that the people who deal with it do so with an opportunistic approach. Of course, it can happen but this in no way can define the industry which anyway does not contain such homogenized characteristics as they might seem to