vegan-wedding-menu, vegan-event-menu

Vegan Menu: A culinary choice of the modern era

In modern gastronomy, the presence of vegan options is a dynamic cultural and culinary code that reflects the evolution of people’s preferences. At Intercatering we understand and fully embrace this dietary choice, creating impressive vegan menus that highlight the essence and the refined side of plant-based nutrition.

Intercatering’s vegan menu is not just a list of dishes, but a culinary creation that combines variety, rich taste, and pleasure for the senses. The multidimensional nature of modern cuisine finds expression through new combinations of raw materials and flavors.

vegan-wedding-menu, vegan-event-menu

Depending on the season, just a few of the delicious ideas for a vegan table that your guests will love is the pumpkin velouté with saffron, which combines the rich texture of pumpkin with the special taste of saffron. Quinoa with smoked roasted vegetables, roasted almonds and raspberry vinaigrette offers a dish full of countervailing flavors.

Of course, vegan Greek recipes could not be missing, such as aromatic Beluga lentils with Florina peppers, coriander and aged balsamic while the cubed grilled vegetable souvlaki is the perfect variation on the traditional souvlaki.

vegan-wedding-menu, vegan-event-menu

You can also choose from a variety of culinary creations, such as fresh mushroom stuffed with herbs, vegetable spring rolls with sweet chili, but also dishes from the Greek Cuisine, from fava to vegan moussaka, all of which offer an imaginative array of flavours. At the same time, the forest mushroom fricassee with onion chutney and aromatic thyme is a unique, delicious, culinary experience.

vegan-wedding-menu, vegan-event-menu

An excellent vegan dish for the Pasta Stand is orzotto with fresh tomato tartar and freshly ground pepper, but also the chickpea strozzapreti pasta, with cherry tomatoes, broccoli, flavored with chives and lemon zest, offering options characterized by simplicity and taste elegance.

An excellent alternative to the meat burger is the one with a vegetable patty that is wonderfully accompanied by caramelized onions and soy sauce.

At the same time, Intercatering’s Tex-Mex Corner highlights the variety of street food that vegan cuisine can offer. Burritos with vegetables or rice, beans and grilled vegetables, tortillas with falafel and tahini sauce, fajitas with grilled vegetables and avocado sauce! All offer a rich and healthy experience creating a harmonious combination of flavors from International Cuisine enriched with Greek favorite ingredients.

And for dessert? In addition to fruit, fresh or poached, you can choose bitter chocolate brownies for a delicious menu conclusion. The unique aromatic explosion it offers highlights the superiority of chocolate and invites convives on a journey of pleasure. On the other hand, semolina halva with vegan ingredients is always a favorite traditional choice for those looking for a “homemade” sweet treat.

vegan-wedding-menu, vegan-event-menu

Pursuing the ultimate combination of taste and veganism, our menus are proof that delectable dishes can be created from every corner of the dietary spectrum. Therefore, by choosing Intercatering, you are choosing a renewed, culinary experience that offers more than just food – it offers the evolution of taste and sensibility in contemporary cuisine.

We are at your disposal to design the vegan menu for your event. Contact us here!