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Buffet vs Served Menu: Choose the style you prefer

In the question buffet or served menu there is no wrong and right answer or any menu choice that prevails. It all depends on what you want to offer your guests, as one menu may be suitable for your event but may not serve the needs of another.

 The differences between the buffet and the served menu:

We all know that the success of an event, especially a wedding reception, depends to a large extent on the food. It’s something guests look forward to and will definitely remember for a long time. When you contact a catering company you will need to decide whether you want a set menu or a buffet. The choice depends on many parameters, such as the character and atmosphere you want to give to your precious life moment.

served menu for every event

The served menu offers a more refined culinary experience to your guests, giving them, for example, the choice between a nice fish or a juicy fillet of meat, served to each guest. On the other hand, there are not a few who prefer the comfort of a buffet, since through a wide variety of dishes they will surely find options that suit their tastes. The only thing that is certain is that each approach has its advantages. Therefore, taking into account the above and based on how you have imagined the most beautiful day of your life, you will choose how you will give it a special flavor.

buffet menu for every event

Serving method:

Offering a buffet menu essentially includes the creation of a self-service station, where guests can access a wide variety of flavors. Buffet style is often a popular choice for wedding receptions or corporate events with a large number of guests, as it allows guests to serve the flavors they prefer on their plate. If you want to give your event or dinner a full-service dining experience, but also an additional sense of luxury and elegance, then the served menu is what you need. This option is often popular for more formal events where a different style of service is required.

buffet menu for every event

 Dish options:

The dominant element of a buffet menu is the variety of flavors that can sufficiently cover different taste buds, especially if you have a large number of guests who may be served more than once. The food stations add even more options to dishes from different cuisines, while with the action food stations with live cooking and carving, the guests can satisfy almost any culinary desire of the moment. In the served menu, since the dishes are specific and predefined, there should be knowledge in advance about any food allergies.

buffet menu for every event


There is a prevailing belief that the served menu is more expensive than the buffet, but this is relative and depends on various factors. The served style menu requires more human resources, since it has more demands in terms of creation, presentation, time, and coordination in general. However, the cost in the case of a buffet style menu can be affected by the type of dishes and the action food stations that can add additional staff. Also, in a buffet you have to provide more food to be available compared to the served menu where the quantities are specific.

served menu for every event

Timeline control:

With the served menu there is better time management and control as the dishes are served to all the guests almost at the same time. On the contrary, guests usually go to the buffet per table to be served and return to their seats, which can create uncontrollable delays if it’s not properly coordinated by an experienced catering team. Of course, at the buffet, guests have full access to all available options and can operate according to their wishes.

served menu for every event

 Food waste:

Food waste is now a dominant issue on the agenda of an event. In the case of a served menu there is usually minimal food waste as the portions are predetermined. In the case of the buffet menu an experienced catering team can make the right forecast and have the least possible food loss. The ecological footprint is an important factor for InterCatering, which operates with the aim of reducing food waste. In addition, through our cooperation with the Non-Profit Organization “Boroume”, after the events, high-quality food that have not been consumed and preserved with all the rules of food hygiene, are delivered to non-profit organizations to be made available to social groups in need.

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