Ecological footprint

We reduce our ecological footprint by implementing green practices!

Reducing our ecological footprint is of great importance to all of us.

At Intercatering, we are not only passionate about creating culinary delights but also dedicated to ensuring that our every activity has a positive impact on the environment and society.

Therefore, in the context of our initiatives, we give priority to the careful purchase and full utilization of raw materials while recommending to our customers the appropriate menus, in order to avoid food waste.

We strengthen the domestic market by using products from all over Greece,

having constant collaboration with local producers and suppliers while ensuring, in this way, the freshest and highest quality ingredients for our customers.

A pillar in our operation is the reduction of food waste.

Intercatering is one of the founding members of the “Alliance for the Reduction of Food Waste” and actively participates in the action of “Boroume” by offering, after the events, high-quality unconsumed food to vulnerable social groups.

Environmental management is also at the core of our values.

We have implemented energy-saving measures both in our facilities and in our operations, such as the use of energy-efficient appliances and the implementation of recycling programs.

Through our actions, at Intercatering, we continue our long-term responsible course in event catering, which is inextricably linked with society itself. We believe that every meal we serve has the power to make a difference. Because for us, proper food management is a powerful tool for change for the better.