Wedding Catering: Which of the 5 trends would you choose?

The wedding reception is a unique opportunity in a couple’s life to enjoy everything they have dreamed of for this special moment. On this wonderful journey of yours, all you must do is share with us your preferences, and then we will plan and organize the details of your wedding catering, formulating the wedding menu of your choice.

Various new trends in wedding catering have made their appearance and Intercatering follows the developments and presents them to you. Whatever you choose the important thing for us is to capture your unique character to make these moments unforgettable!

Wedding Catering: The intimate family style

A popular new trend is family style with platters in the center of the table. This style of dining is perfectly suited to a wedding with a small number of guests who can enjoy the intimacy of a “family” table in a wonderful luxury atmosphere with excellent care. Whether you want a more casual wedding menu or a more glamorous one, the relaxed atmosphere will be enhanced with the family style.

Wedding Catering: Seasonal creative dishes

Here the menu emphasizes the use of seasonal raw materials. Working with local producers and suppliers, the chefs design proposals that highlight the fine products of each place, while also giving a thematic approach to your wedding menu. Any menu can include dishes with seasonal ingredients, but designing an exclusively seasonal menu is a challenge for chefs and you could introduce yourself to dishes you probably hadn’t thought of.

Catering Γάμου: Action food stations

Active food stations are another way to create a contemporary and engaging dining experience for your guests. Your guests can choose what they want to taste from a range of food stations, such as carving stations, pasta stations, sushi stations, etc. where your guests can interact with the chefs cooking and serving in their presence in real time. Create different “themed tasting corners” with live cooking if you want to add an element of surprise to your wedding menu.

Wedding Catering: Creative Cuisine with international influences

Choosing multicultural flavors on the wedding menu is an imaginative way for a contemporary dining experience. Υour guests can enjoy creative dishes with Greek ingredients inspired by global cuisines, such as Chinese, Mexican, Indian, etc. By adding these special flavors your wedding menu escapes from the trivial and predictable and turns to more unusual dishes for an extraordinary culinary experience.

Wedding Catering: Vegetarian and vegan options

As more and more people adopt vegan and/or vegetarian eating habits, event menus are correspondingly enriched. A modern wedding menu can include vegan and vegetarian dishes without lacking flavor and inspiration. Chefs can create options that are sure to surprise and delight with their deliciousness and innovation.

All the above options give an extra character to your wedding catering as they can be differentiated according to what you want to offer. Even if you choose the buffet style wedding catering that the guests always enjoy, of course you can make combinations.

Intercatering helps you live the experience you desire, highlighting your personality through the design of a menu that represents your style and preferences. Dare it!

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