Silent Grace and Nu: Two excellent and delightful wines from favorite Greek varieties

The classic choice to accompany any meal is definitely wine. Therefore, at your events, the wine on a menu complements the culinary experience of your guests. Of course, wine & food pairing is not a simple matter. However, our experienced team can suggest alternative wine labels that will suit your wishes and the needs of the menu you will finally choose.

Wanting to offer you even more options, we designed and present to you two exclusive labels of our own bottling. A white and a red wine from wonderful Greek varieties, which can perfectly accompany your menu. The wines, Silent Grace and Nu, are a quality yet affordable option. So, let’s get a taste of their special features and learn how they can highlight any occasion.

Silent Grace: White wine with notes of “elegance”

A terrific white, from the beloved Greek varieties Savvatiano & Roditis that embodies elegance in every sip. Its bright lemon-green hue invites you to enjoy a distinct palette of flavors: with intense aromas of pear, grapefruit and peach, Silent Grace is a symphony, distinguished by its subtle and balanced acidity.

The result is a wine that impresses in taste, leaving a wonderfully refreshing aftertaste on the palate, which makes it ideal to accompany different culinary proposals. It is perfectly combined with salads, traditional Greek appetizers and cooked dishes, and of course with risotti and pasta with white sauces, etc. An excellent choice, for every moment.

Nu: Red wine with a delicate “body”

A brilliant red with a complexity of flavor and a rich, delicate “body” of the “Agiorgitiko” variety. Its deep red color promises a delightful, tasty experience. With heady aromas of red cherries, morello cherries, a mix of red and black berries and subtle floral notes of spring violet, Nu captivates the senses.

The harmonious combination of soft tannins and moderate, balanced acidity highlights the aromas and freshness of the fruit, which leaves a subtle and pleasant aftertaste that fascinates. It goes perfectly with a wide range of dishes. Whether you enjoy grilled or braised meat options, pasta with red sauces, spicy and bright yellow cheeses and more, Nu manages to enhance the flavor of every bite.

As far as the organization of the event is concerned, Intercatering is not … “adding water in its wine”. Choosing the right white or red on a menu is about different parameters, the main ones being the occasion and the menu.

So, do you want to give a special touch to your special moment? We are here for you!