vegan menu for social and corporate events

Vegan or Vegetarian menu: In addition to being a conscious choice, it can also be enjoyable!

The vegan menu can be an interesting proposition for your guests

For many people the vegan diet is a “new reality”, but it is a fact that it has been around since the late 40s. Of course, the truth is that nowadays many people choose it more and more for their own reasons. InterCatering has recognized the new trends, needs and particularities in eating habits and has the ability to offer a wide range of menu options, which now satisfies even the most demanding.

Vegan Menu: Dispelling the myth of taste limitations

A myth that is now being dispelled and perhaps arises from the culinary hesitation of many, is that the vegan and vegetarian options on a menu are not equally tasty and enjoyable. Which of course is not the case because this diet has “escaped” from the usual dishes with simple salads and grilled vegetables. The era has already led us to the execution of classic recipes with vegan and vegetarian ingredients, without anyone being able to distinguish significant taste differences. Even if you do not follow such a diet, if you find yourself invited to one of our events where there is a choice of vegan or vegetarian dishes, we encourage you to try them in order to form your own opinion.

vegan menu for social and corporate events

Vegan Menu: Fine products and qualified chefs

Our vegan menus have a multitude of quality options for every occasion based on fine products from the Greek territory as well as unique raw materials from all over the world. The possibility provided has to do with the entire design of an “alternative” menu or clear additions to a generic one. A fact that certainly multiplies the options but also clearly focuses on the individual requirements of each attendee at your event! The qualified chefs of our company create specialized food dishes, a variety of salads with vegan ingredients, meatless recipes, vegetables in various forms of cooking, recipes with rice, potatoes and much more that taste as good as any other recipe.

vegan menu for social and corporate events

For Vegan or Vegetarian Menus, the choice is InterCatering

Our team has organized events and wedding receptions even with an all-vegan buffet menu for all the guests. We have successfully hosted large and important events, international and European conferences, where for medical, religious or cultural reasons the needs of some guests, with specialized dietary requirements, were served in part of the overall selected menu. In addition, InterCatering, in tune with the modern needs of the time, can adapt its menu to the different dietary options, not only Vegan and Vegetarian but also Pescatarian, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Halal or Kosher, so that it can satisfy to the maximum extent the menu requirements of each event.