Add a touch of luxury to your festive table with Intercatering’s Christmas Menus

This holiday season, we take care of your Christmas table, with delicious dishes and culinary creations so that you can carefree enjoy every moment with your guests!

Christmas menus by Intercatering

For your festive table, the Intercatering team has 5 unique Christmas menus to offer, which fully cover all taste buds and enhance the brilliance of the moments. Three Christmas Served Menus and two Christmas Buffet Menus, with service at your place, that go beyond the established ones and will take off your celebration party.

In addition to our suggested festive menus, we can of course shape together the most glamorous Christmas menus according to your wishes and preferences! Enjoy excellent catering services for every occasion!

 Christmas Menu Served 1

In the world of the Christmas Menu Served 1, culinary art meets the magic of the holidays, creating a taste experience that touches every sense. The dishes are an alternation of sophisticated flavors and presentations, a dance of flavors unwrapped like a gift amidst the festive atmosphere.

The beginning is made with a soup of high-quality ingredients and aromatic flavors that will excite even the most demanding, as well as a refreshing salad that will prepare your palate for the enjoyment of the main course.

The main course offers a rich experience with braised veal. Its combination with smoked Μetsovone, mashed potatoes and glazed baby broccoli, centers around the excellent flavor and texture of the meat while the bourguignon sauce adds depth and complexity.

The meal closes on an excellent sweet note. The chocolate pyramid, accompanied by the smooth aroma of the sauce anglaise and the freshness of the red forest fruits, creates an unforgettable and delightful completion of the meal.

Christmas Menu Served 2

The culinary delight in the Christmas Menu Served 2 begins with a sophisticated first course, where toasted brioche combines with the aromatic variety of duck liver parfait, pistachio crumbles, grapes and apricot chutney, creating an explosive experience of taste.

Next, the baby arugula salad is perfectly combined with fig and the rich flavor of goat cheese, with an excellent sauce of walnut oil and honey, adding exquisite notes to this culinary journey.

The main course offers a complete experience with roast sirloin angus steak. Charlotte potatoes, king oyster mushrooms, nori and cardamom create a set of flavors that highlight quality and enjoyment at their peak.

The culinary journey is completed with an exquisite dessert choice. The cream of the traditional galaktoboureko, with an orange aroma, emerges in an unforgettable dessert on a sablé biscuit and caramelized crust leaves.

Christmas Menu Served 3

 In Christmas Menu Served 3, we start by presenting a sophisticated array of flavors of served mini bites. Foie gras sautéed with caramelized apples, a true masterpiece of rich texture, pumpkin and saffron velouté, and salmon carpaccio rolls wrapped in arugula leaves, offering a playful touch to the palate.

On the main menu, the lobster bisque paves the way for further delights, with the rich taste of lobster, this dish promises to delight seafood lovers.

Next is the lobster medallion with sauce vin blanc, which stands out on top of a bouquet of salads with bric, offering a dynamic dance of flavors and thus paving the way for the absolute highlight of the dinner. The excellent dish Tournedos Rossini, accompanied by new potatoes with duck magret and asparagus, for an experience of culinary aroma and taste.

Cap off this sophisticated culinary concert with a crown of sweet extravaganza. In this final chapter of our culinary adventure, the pleasure is completed with the dessert of roasted quince with cognac, yogurt mousse and quince jelly, in a biscuit boat!

Christmas Menu Buffet 1

The Christmas Menu Buffet 1 promises to take you on a journey to a world of flavors, combining traditional dishes with creative additions in a unique way.Starting with an exquisite selection of fresh salads for every taste and continuing with salmon gravlax and foie gras mousse on thin slices of toasted bread, everything offers a touch of luxury.

The main courses include the traditional stuffed turkey, which brings out the authentic taste of Christmas, the wild boar medallion with caramelized quinces which offers a luxurious touch of tradition & aromas, the noisettes of beef fillet with a variety of mushrooms which create an unforgettable fine dish.

The sweet potato tourne with maple syrup and thyme combines the sweet taste of the sweet potato with the excellent aromatic rich sauce, while the risotto with yellow pumpkin and chips from Lefkada’s salami creates an original, taste experience with Greek products.

The culinary journey is completed with mouth-watering desserts such as chestnut cake, chocolate pyramid and log cake with champagne mousse, creating an unforgettable finale. The traditional melomakarona and kourabiedes close the meal with sweet, traditional and delicious notes of culinary sensations and experiences.

Christmas Menu Buffet 2

The Christmas Menu Buffet 2 begins its culinary show with a variety of salads that highlight the freshness and the taste harmony of the ingredients. Like the salad with carrot, orange fillets and Aegina Pistachios that offers a delightful explosiveness, while the baby spinach with poached pear, Roquefort cheese and croutons creates an exquisite taste experience.

Next, the salmon gravlax with sweet mango slices presents a provocative interplay of flavors while the beef fillet carpaccio with fresh pepper soars the palate with its delicate texture and intense aroma.

The climax of the meal brings refined flavors and wonderful presentations. The traditional stuffed turkey with blueberry sauce highlights the sweet balance of flavors while the venison escalope with roasted apples and gooseberry pearls combines the pleasure of the meat with the freshness of the fruit.

The Italian orecchiette pasta with pleurotus mushrooms, reed olives and Santorini cherry tomatoes offer an original experience of taste, and the mousseline potatoes with truffle oil lend a sense of luxury to the dinner. Finally, you will enjoy creative cabbage dumplings with seafood and stonefish sauce that combine the taste of the sea with the deliciousness of the land, offering a rich dish that satisfies every palate.

The culinary journey is completed with an impressive palette of sweets that stand out. The Christmas log with chestnut mousse embraces the senses with its rich, creamy texture, while the chocolate cake with wild cherry coulis is an absolutely delicious centerpiece with its rich chocolate flavor and delightful melt-in-your-mouth texture. As an accompaniment, the traditional melomakarona and kourabiedes, chocolate truffles with powdered sugar and honeyed diples are the ideal finale, adding a touch of simplicity and at the same time quality to the sweet part of your meal.

Christmas Table: Refinement in every way

 For each approach, we provide complete solutions for organizing a successful festive event of high aesthetics and dreamy culinary creations!

Add a touch of luxury to the occasion and create unique moments for you and your guests. Just wear your best smile, and Intercatering will take care of the rest. The magic of Christmas awaits you!

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