A successful catering event depends primarily on its human resources

Although the catering sector is part of our country’s “heavy industry”, the prevailing opinion is that the people who deal with it do so with an opportunistic approach. Of course, it can happen but this in no way can define the industry which anyway does not contain such homogenized characteristics as they might seem to an “outside observer”. The facts have now changed in the global catering scene and are certainly approached with a different philosophy.

 InterCatering: Investment in people for people

The ever-growing event catering industry in recent years has given significant impetus for a holistic approach to culinary service. Expertise, professionalism and service quality are key pillars for a catering company that wants to be at the forefront of modern mass catering. But, regardless of the developments and the “technological contribution,” the catering sector will always remain human-centered, addressed from human to human. That is why the most important legacy is the investment in the human resources that staff each company and its structures. It is no longer a part-time activity for those involved, but a substantial and full-time job with career and development prospects, which is becoming increasingly attractive for talented young men and women as well as hospitality industry executives.

 InterCatering: The “recipe” for success

At InterCatering, the dominant pillar in the formation of integrated services is the “investment” in human potential, and for this reason, we place great emphasis on the value of qualified staff. This constant “concern” of ours for improvement certainly has a clear impact on the result as well. Our aim is to organize seminars with practical training in the restaurant art, with the trainees receiving knowledge from experienced professionals in the sector, and practicing topics related to their future work before joining the team. The high standards of quality in our catering services are our commitment to the absolute success of your event, something that you can only build with the right human resources!