Intercatering designed and served the menu for the Hellenic Olympic Committee Awards!

The brilliance of the Greek athletes took off at the event for the Honorary Awards of the Hellenic Olympic Committee held at the Athens Concert Hall. The purpose of the institution was to reward and highlight the dedication and excellence of the 72 athletes who are a source of inspiration for us all.

Intercatering, always a pioneer in the field of event catering, proudly undertook the planning and execution of the dinner at this extraordinary event. With flair and skill, created a taste experience that perfectly matched the height of the occasion, offering refined culinary delights to all guests. At the same time, Intercatering took over the impeccable service during the event, thus contributing to the creation of this wonderful moment.

The atmosphere was charged with optimism as the attention is now focused on the Olympics in Paris. The winners of the Honorary Awards emerged as a source of inspiration for the younger generation and are proud representatives of Greek sports.

Congratulations to all the winners and good luck in Paris!