Which “Food Concept” type are you?

Can food reveal our personality? If we accept “we are what we eat”, then maybe it reveals elements of our character. Okay, it sounds a bit excessive, so even if we don’t fully embrace this condition, food can to a large extent express our psyche and our moods, momentary as well as more lasting. At InterCatering we offer gastronomic suggestions for every occasion, which, however, through a more “psychoanalytic” prism could express something more for each of us. So, with a lighter and humorous mood, let’s see what your own mind can express when choosing a food concept for your event and figure out your type!… 

All types of catering and services

Catering Buffet Style

Catering buffet style

Do you want it all or are you looking for the small changes without straying from your habits? Buffet food style is a wonderful way to combine all aspects of your quests through the ideal combination of flavors for every occasion! Create a multitude of dishes that are sure to impress! You can choose a menu for vegetarians and vegans or add gluten free and lactose free dishes. With the assistance of InterCatering’s people, create your own tailor-made buffet and let your guests have their own tasteful experience…

Catering Street Food

Catering street food

Are you laid back and cool? Do you like adding character to most aspects of your life? Then the street food choice suits you. Interesting, fun and delicious, with flavors from all over the world, it gives a stylish gourmet but also a relaxed atmosphere to your event. Enjoy the freedom of movement in the space with your guests, drinking, dancing and tasting delicious food. Choose the most fun and trendy menu for your party that will satisfy young and old!

Catering Served Menu

Catering served menu

Are you a fan of the classic? Do you want your event to have the exciting sensation of luxury? Then choose InterCatering’s served menu and let the elegant character of your personality stand out in the space with glamorous touches that suit the occasion. Through a variety of creative dishes from the Mediterranean and International Cuisine, we can design the right menu for your event that will enchant even the most demanding palate.Τhis type of catering is ideal for a wedding.

Catering Live Cooking & Food Stations

Catering food stations

 Do you like new ventures? Are you a restless spirit? Do you want to give a tone of “adventure” to your culinary choices? Then food stations and live cooking is the way to serve your guests! InterCatering creates for you unique corners with delicious delicacies in the event space, which arouse the interest of the guests and reduce the queues. Our experienced chefs can suggest alternatives that will excite and invite the taste buds of your guests to live a culinary adventure!

Catering Finger Food

Catering cocktail buffet

Do you have a casual chic style? Are you the person who keeps an eye on all new and exciting things? So, for those of you who like to work beyond the established and your every imprint has a creative character, you can find in cocktail food the form that will uplift your senses! Mini bites and finger food with their stylish and modern presentation can show off your sophisticated side, giving your guests the opportunity to enjoy something special! InterCatering’s creations combine the unexpected, with exciting taste orientations, covering every desire and imagination!