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Food Stations: Make a stop at taste

Food Stations: The food concept that adds something extra to your events

Organizing an event is an evolving process, at least for people with a restless spirit. As a result, fresh trends such as that of Food Stations are emerging that win the goal of guest mingling. Because the point of an event is the meeting and “mingling” of the guests!

Why Food Stations?

Food Stations enable a complete culinary concept. Their dominant characteristic is the creation of “thematic corners” where, for example, one can come across various options from different cuisines. The logic escapes from a classic buffet menu which is characterized by a more linear approach with specific options and specific categories of dishes in order, such as appetizers, salads, meat and fish options, various side dishes, desserts and fruits.

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Food Stations avoid monothematicity and can be placed in any position in the venue, offering easier access and more convenient movement of the guests, preventing congestion and overcrowding. The thematic corners make it possible to cover all taste preferences and even dietary peculiarities. A food station with vegan flavors, for example, is an excellent option for people who have a particular dietary preference, but also for all the rest who simply want to expand their taste approaches.

 Food Stations: Guest Mingling in the spotlight

The use of Food Stations in an event is all about the food and the “mixing” of people, offering a complete culinary experience. In addition to the food stations, there are also action food stations with live cooking such as carving stations, pasta stations, sushi stations, etc. which are manned by Chefs who cook in real time in the presence of the guests. Of course, nothing precludes the coexistence of the buffet with the food stations. After all, many times a buffet menu is enriched with various action food stations that always attract people’s interest.

Food Stations offer a different and varied menu when this is required by the needs of an event, while at the same time the guests do not need to follow a buffet queue, nor are they “limited” to a table as is the case of a served menu. On the contrary, with the food stations, your guests turn into “culinary explorers” and have the possibility of meeting and interacting with more people.

Food stations buffet from InterCatering

Therefore, depending on the concept of your event, Food Stations can be the food concept that will offer that extra something to your event!

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